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Andrey Mischenko, CEO

Graduated from FENU (Far-Eastern National University) in 1997. CEO and co-owner of Rhonda Software since 1998. Andrey is the permanent leader of our company and the veteran of SW industry & business development. His leadership skills, deep business knowledge and entrepreneurial vision helped our team to grow up from a start-up company of 5 engineers to current mature state.

Slava Dolzhenko, CTO

Graduated from FENTU (Far-Eastern National Technical University) in 1995. Joined Rhonda Software in 1997. His professionalism and personal commitment to company's success played a key role in Rhonda Software development. His knowledgeable expertise in SW engineering, project and resource management was recognized by all our customers. For a 5-year period starting from 2001 Slava held the position of Senior Staff Software Engineer in Motorola and accepted Rhonda Software's offer to take the position of CTO in 2006.


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