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13 September 2014  |   7th Far Eastern IT Forum Dalinfocom 2014

Rhonda Software, known as a developer of innovative computer vision solutions and leading provider of embedded software development services in the Far East of Russia, participated in the 7th Far Eastern Forum of IT-companies “Dalinfocom 2014”, held in Vladivostok on September 9-10th, 2014.

This year campus of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) on Russkiy island was chosen to be a platform for the event, as part of the university program of creating a foundation for research and approbation of engineering ideas in information technology.

Rhonda Software presented its new development in the area of object tracking and audience measurement.  Using video analytics methods our solution demonstrated the capability of people counting, attention detection, face recognition, gender and age group audience distribution. Rhonda presentation attracted a lot of interest among visitors and participants of Dalinfocom -2014 expo.

Forum continued for two days and was organized with the support of the Department of Informatization and telecommunication of Primorskiy region Administration. During the forum work Rhonda Software specialists had chance to discuss series of professional questions and participate in round table meetings and speech sessions together with other IT-specialists. CEO of Rhonda Software, Andrey Mischenko, was invited to join jury of the “Upstarter Contest”, where young startup IT companies presented their projects and business plans. He also participated as an expert in the panel discussion of the development of innovative business in Primorskiy region and Russia.

Head of the Primorskiy region, Vladimir Miklushevskiy, visited the expo of IT-companies, presented on the “DalInfoCom-2014” forum, checked regional information technologies progress, and looked through the new projects. In personal discussion with Andrey Mischenko, governor marked the importance of the developments, presented by our company on the expo and mentioned the possibility of their practical use in the frames of the development programs of Primorskiy region.

Dalinfocom Venue.

Marketing team of Rhonda Software.

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