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23 April 2016  |   Russian Robot Olympiad 2016

On April 23 2016, Rhonda was pleased to participate in the Russian Far East regional contest of Russian Robot Olympiad 2016, as the general sponsor.

Totally 36 teams of children and teenagers from 7 to 19 years gathered in Vladivostok from entire Russian Far East region to participate in the Far East regional contest of Russian Robot Olympiad 2016, organized by Robotics Development Center of Vladivostok. In addition to three age groups (younger than 12 years, 13-15 years, 16-19 years), all participating teams were subdivided into four other sections:

  • "garbage gatherers" in different locations, where robots were searching and sorting several types of "garbage" according to its color and size;
  • "labyrinth dwellers", where robots were passing thru the labyrinth from its entrance to the exit, across the obstacles, trying to find the shortest way out;
  • "manipulators", where robots were building figures with given colored blocks;
  • "sumo wrestlers", where pairs of robots were fighting each other, trying to push an opponent away from the ring.

On the opening ceremony Rhonda’s representative made a brief speech inspiring participants for victory in this year competition and wishing them success in their future roles of IT specialists. Rhonda donated financial support with the main idea in mind of encouraging talented children to choose IT as the professional domain. Besides financial support, Rhonda provided organizational assistance - some of Rhonda's engineers participated in the contest as the trainers, supervisors and judges.

As the result of regional contest, the winner teams received the honorary certificates and awards from the sponsors. The best teams of each sections will participate in the All-Russia Robot Olympiad Championship to be held in Innopolis city (Republic of Tatarstan) on June 24, as the part of the Far East Region combined team.

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