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Strong expertise in software solutions

  • We have been working with Motorola since 1997 and have completed various software projects for more than a hundred Motorola mobile devices: from firmware and service software for pagers to software for mobile phones: email client and connectivity solutions, a number of multimedia applications, i-mode technology porting, DRM, etc.
  • Besides Motorola we have extensive experience in embedded software development for many other devices: DVD storage, smart cards, card readers, motion detectors, touch screens, payment terminals, video-audio digital devices.
  • Another significant domain of our expertise is computer vision. Rhonda has elaborated many cross-platform algorithms for moving objects tracking, pattern recognition (trademarks’ logos, banknotes, 1d barcodes etc), human face detection and recognition, gender and age recognition, etc. Rhonda customizes these algorithms into high-performance computer vision solutions for PC and mobile devices according to its clients’ needs for a wide range of domains – from audience measurement and proactive merchandizing to indoor security and law-enforced traffic control systems.

Professional staff and large pool of engineering talent

All Rhonda engineers have Master's degrees in Computer Science. The majority of our employees also have considerable software industry experience and long term relationships with Rhonda. We have low turnover of core management and technical staff as the guarantee of stable processes and smooth cooperation inside the team. All new-hires undergo intensive organizational training program and coaching. There are favorable conditions for Rhonda’s resource pool reinforcement:

  • Vladivostok (home for Rhonda) is the hometown for the biggest and oldest regional universities; headquarters of the Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Science are located in Vladivostok as well.
  • Population of the local student community is more than 50.000.
  • 3 leading universities train students in computer science.
  • Rhonda collaborates closely with local scientific and educational establishments, monitors and employs talented individuals.


From the start Rhonda has been committed to ensuring the highest quality for all of products and services. There are no compromises for Rhonda when it comes to quality. It’s a subject we take very seriously.

The high quality of our products and services is a natural result of our mature software development process, which is based on Carnegie Mellon© Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model for Software (also known as the CMM and SW-CMM) and proved by Level 4 CMMI quality certification.

Smooth communication with a customer

  • No «language barrier» – most of our engineers are fluent in English and some of them know Japanese.
  • Work in accordance with commonly used management standards and techniques – Rhonda has adopted generally accepted international practices of business management and reporting.
  • Broad experience in cross-cultural communication and collaboration – Rhonda successfully works with many Motorola sites in US, Brasilia, France, Germany, England, Italy, China, Japan, Korea, Israel and other countries.
  • Convenient geographical location and time zone (GMT +10).

Competitive cost

Our affordable price can help customers save 50-70% of software development budget in comparison with cost of development in US.


Do not hesitate to contact us for any question regarding our services. We will be glad to respond in detail.