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Rhonda Software is the Software & Hardware design house with a focus on Embedded solutions in the areas of Imaging, Multimedia and Connectivity.

Brief facts

  • Established in 1995, decades of Engineering experience
  • Camera Imaging experts since 2007
  • History of over 200 camera products
  • 100+ engineers (EE, SW, QA, IQ, etc.)
  • Close Ambarella design partner
  • Experts in Still & Video processing, Connected devices, Computer Vision, Cloud based services and Mobile Applications
  • Certified SEI SW-CMM Level 4 – high quality standards
  • Excellent performance record with Motorola (customer since 1997), CSR, Ambarella and other partners

Our technology profile

  • Domains: camera imaging, networking & connectivity, cloud & web, computer vision, drivers, protocols, mobile apps, security.
  • Platforms: Linux, ThreadX, MQX, VRTX, Android, Windows, NetBSD, FreeBSD, CentOS, Mac OS, iOS.
  • Main Programming Languages: C/C++, Swift and Objective-C, Assembler (ARM, MIPS, ARC, x86 and other), C#, Perl, PHP, Python, Java (including Enterprise Java), Ruby, JavaScript, Matlab.
  • Cloud: AWS, Cassandra, MongoDB, MapReduce (Hadoop), HDFS, ZooKeeper, ElasticSearch.
  • Process Tool: Capistrano, TeamCity, Jenkins, Quickbuild, Git, SVN, Perforce, MS Project, Redmine, Jira, Zabbix, Reviewboard, Nagios, Imatest.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question regarding our services. We will be glad to respond in detail.